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We have over 10 years’ experience in tracing Irish family histories and in Irish local history research. We are therefore expertly placed to help you with your Irish family history search. Thanks to our ready access to local sources we can search Irish ancestry throughout Ireland and are often able to uncover family members and/or facts that you cannot from abroad.

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If you are just starting with tracing your Irish family history, we can show you the way with an initial investigation. We will point out further avenues for research and give advice on how best to proceed. Alternatively we can do the entire investigation for you.

If you already have a family tree but just cannot find that elusive Irish ancestor, we can help filling in that gap.

If you do not know what to do next, or have hit a brick wall, we can help you move forward with your Irish genealogy research.

We can also verify your research for you, to ensure you have found the right people.





Genealogical Proof Standard

The Genealogical Proof Standard is a guideline as outlined in “Genealogy Standards” by the Board for Certification of Genealogists for establishing the reliability of genealogical research with reasonable certainty.

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Research Approach

Our research starts with making sure both parties know exactly what the research question is and how much it will cost. We will then follow 5 logical steps and finish by providing you with a clear and factual report.

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Before we start we will verify with you what it is you want to find. We will also always agree a cost with you beforehand. And we present all our findings in a clear and factual report. This report shows you your research question, for what and where we searched (to avoid any future duplication), a conclusion and advice on further research. And of course we will give you digital copies of any certificates, wills, relevant book pages, etc. we have found.

Another service is where we travel to places where your ancestors lived or are buried, and make photo’s of your ancestor’s grave, the cemetery and/or the village where he or she lived. If it still exists, that might even include your ancestral home!

We can also enrich your family tree with local history research. This can be the history of an area where your ancestors lived, a village, or even the history of a house or farm.

And we can help you put your data in a great looking presentation. This can be a slide show, video or booklet.  Great for that next family gathering or as a personal gift.

Scroll down for examples of our work and some client references.

Let us search for and investigate your Irish ancestry!

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Our Work

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My husband wanted to explore his Irish roots in hopes of obtaining dual citizenship.  Living just outside Chicago, it was difficult for us to do the research ourselves. While we learned he did not qualify, Jillian and were able to solve quite a few long standing mysteries about his family.  They worked tirelessly until they got answers and presented us with a thorough report on their comprehensive efforts. The service was excellent.  Jillian was a pleasure to work with.  I highly recommend them.

Eleonora, Chicago, USA

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Mum is pouring over all the details…. I can see many conversations in the future, wonderful to find out your grandparents names at the age of 77! Thank you.

Fiona, Ireland

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After a considerable amount of very frustrating and disappointing time trying to find my Irish ancestors, I contacted Their performance exceeded all my expectations, in both quality and time. Jillian came up with a wealth of information. I will not hesitate to recommend to my friends.

Jim, Stratford, Canada

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I have always longed to trace my family origins and didn’t know how to go about it. After meeting Jillian by chance, I commissioned her to research my family history.  Jillian’s research brought life and excitement to my roots and successfully traced my family as far back as 1823.

Majella, Ireland

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I commissioned Jillian to find a photo of “J.F. Hudson”, former Captain of the Royal Dublin Golf Club. We had a blank space in the Club Photo gallery of Past Captains for him. As John Fenton Hudson never married and had no direct descendants Jillian first had to trace back to his parents to find his siblings and then trace forwards and found his Grandnieces. She impressed with her skills and commitment leaving no stone unturned to succeed in this challenge. His Photo is now included after many years!

Tom Byrne, Memorabilia Committee, The Royal Dublin Golf Club

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