Ireland’s Family History Specialists Research Approach

Researching your family history is exciting. But it can be difficult to know where to start. Or where to look for certain information. Subscriptions are expensive. You also have to know how to interpret information, and how to reconcile seemingly contradictory records.

After agreeing the research question and cost, follows a clear approach to its research, as outlined below. Research Approach:

  1. Fact checking the information you have
  2. Choosing a starting point by establishing what can be accepted as known vs. what is assumed
  3. Selecting the most promising datasets for research
  4. Searching public and paid (we have subscriptions on all relevant ones) databases and archives, including Familysearch, Ancestry, Irishgenealogy, Rootsireland, UK and Irish Newspaper Archives, etc.
  5. If required, checking and/or visiting the archives of:
    • General Register Office (GRO)
    • National Library of Ireland
    • The National Archives of Ireland
    • Valuation Office Ireland
    • Registry of Deeds
    • PRONI (Northern Ireland)
    • GRONI (Northern Ireland)
  6. Thorough evaluation of all collected data
  7. Analysis of collected information and resolution of any conflicts
  8. Report containing the following sections:
    • Research Commissioned by
    • Research Period
    • Research Questions
    • Research Log
    • Conclusion
    • Further Research
    • Data found
    • Supporting Documentation

The cost of research depends on the amount of time you want us to spend. And that depends on how many ancestors you want us to research, how far back the research needs to go or what the era is you want us to research.

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All our research adheres to the Genealogical Proof  Standard. So you know it’s reliable.


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