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Bring your Irish family history to life with a professional presentation

Having a lot of information is one thing. But how best to present this information is just as important. Because we believe your story deserves a professional family history presentation. And as a result bring your ancestors’ story to life!

In addition to our research services, we therefore offer presentation design services. To bring your family tree and their accompanying stories together in a great looking presentation. This can be a slide show, video or booklet.  Great for that next family gathering or as a personal gift.


In the “OUR WORK” section on our homepage you can find a number of examples of our booklets. In these, we cover both family history and local history. We tell the story of Edward Smith, who had a difficult start in life and fought in The Great War, but still made a success of his life. We tell the sad story of Andrew Hassett and his family in 19th Century New York. And we track the history of “Woodside”, a large farm in what is now Dublin. Several of our local history stories have appeared as articles in local history magazines.


In the same section, we have also included a slideshow. This example tells the remarkable story of three generations of one family who all emigrated to the same town in the USA.  Imagine being able to tell YOUR Irish family history with a slideshow. You can show it to your family or friends on your computer, laptop or tablet. And thus bring it everywhere with you, all of the time.


We regularly post videos in our “NEWS” section. Some of these are in the form of interviews. If you still have family in Ireland, why not have us interview them about your ancestors? A perfect way of documenting a primary source and ensuring that their memories are kept for eternity.


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Examples of our Work

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