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Do you know where your ancestor is buried but have not been able to visit it? We can visit it for you and provide photographs of the grave and cemetery. You will receive a report with information about the village, cemetery, grave location and inscriptions. And of course we will include some great digital pictures. We can even present the findings to you in an attractive slideshow so you can easily share it with your family or friends. 

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We can visit cemeteries across Ireland.  Some are tiny and contain only a few graves, others – like famous Glasnevin – are huge. Some Irish cemeteries are very logically laid out, and have clear records. For others it will be necessary to walk the entire ground.



Whilst graves and Irish cemeteries are of particular interest for Irish family history researchers, we believe however there are a lot more ancestral sites that you might want us to look at.

We can visit locations in Ireland where your ancestors have lived and provide an impression and photographs of the village as it is now. If you are lucky and it still exists, we might even be able to find the house they occupied, or a shop they owned. Can you imagine the framed picture on your wall of the hotel that your grandparents exploited? Of the farmhouse they lived in? Or – as in the example below – the local school where your ancestors would have learned to read and write.

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We believe a family tree should be more than a list of names and dates. Why not enrich it with photographs of places that were important to them, either in their life or death.





If you have relatives still living in Ireland, or if there are people still alive who knew your ancestors and who are willing to talk, we can use our skills to interview them and document their memories for you.



Nothing compares to the touch and feel of your own personal Irish family homestead. Hand-crafted in Ireland, these bespoke replicas are created using accurate information gathered during the research part of our service. Imagine the pride you will feel when showing your family or peers one of these exquisite trophies of home, either in the Boardroom or seated at the Dinner Table. Nothing says “Look how far we have come since our forefathers left Ireland, all those years ago”, in the way that an accurate Irish homestead replica does. Anything is possible, the homestead as it was in its heyday, how it appears now or even the whole village your family came from can be replicated. Be proud of your heritage, show it off!


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