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Every family should have them: family stories and memories. Stories about great-grandfathers, grandmothers, uncles and great-aunts. Stories about villages where these  ancestors lived, voyages they made, things that happened to them.

However, when families and friends are talking about their ancestors, they often quickly realise that there is much they don’t know. Where was your friend’s grandfather born? If that was Ireland, he might be in line for an Irish passport! Where in Ireland did your wife’s or husband’s ancestors live? Who were their family members? Is there still family living in Ireland? Would your father or mother like to find out where they came from?

Remember the last time these questions came up? And that your friend, partner or family member was very interested in finding out more?

But it can be difficult to know where to start. can help. We offer professional services in Irish family history search and Irish local history research. Why not let us help your loved one make their first steps on their journey into their family history?


Why not give them an Irish family history search voucher from

Your friend or family member can exchange this voucher for our Irish family history search services, and hopefully we will be able to answer some of their questions for them.

It’s like giving the gift of family.

You can buy a voucher at the bottom of this page. Simply put in the value of the voucher you wish to purchase (minimum €80) and click on the “Pay with PayPal” button. Don’t worry, you can also pay with your credit card! Fill in your details on the PayPal page and you are done.

If you wish we can send a voucher with a personalised greeting direct from Ireland*. Would it not be a nice surprise for your friend or family member to receive a mysterious birthday card from the land of his or her ancestors?

Give something different, give an Irish family history search voucher from!


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