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Our Contributions to Genealogical Magazines regularly has articles published in genealogy and local history magazines, both in North America and Ireland. Our articles are on how to do research, Irish local history, genealogical resources, etc. On this page you can read about the periodicals we have been published in and download our articles.

“Irish Family History Journal” 2018
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The Irish Family History Society, established in 1984, is based in Ireland and has a worldwide membership. Every year the Society brings out a journal, full of informative articles. This year, in Volume 33, our own Jillian van Turnhout was asked to contribute an article. The title of the article – which has pride of place as the very first article – is “John Fenton Hudson, 1932 Captain Royal Dublin Golf Club, The ‘Missing Photo’ Challenge”.  In it, Jillian outlines the research she did on behalf of the Golf club to find a photograph of this previous Captain. All past Captains were remembered with a photo in a gallery at the club. However, John Fenton Hudson’s was missing. As he had been a life long bachelor, so there were no descendants to ask. After extensive investigations, Jillian was successful in finding a picture, which is now proudly hanging in the Captain’s gallery. Clicking on the picture will bring you to the Society’s website.


“Your Genealogy Today” January/February 2018
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Our second article in this North American genealogical magazine (see below for our first). Clicking on the cover picture will bring you to their website; our article is “Avoid Common Mistakes” about preventing research errors by using the guidelines of the Genealogical Proof Standard.


“Obelisk” 2018
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Irish Local History Magazine. Published November 2017. Clicking on the cover picture will bring you to the website of the Society that publishes it. Our article is “Gordonville”, about the history of a house and the village it is in. The downloadable article is text only, the article in the magazine also includes pictures and maps.


“Internet Genealogy” October/November 2017
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A leading North American genealogical magazine that focuses on keeping today’s family historian up-to-date with the vast and ever-growing collection of genealogy-related resources, software, tools, products, technologies, etc. Clicking on the cover picture will bring you to their website; our article is “Legacies of British Slave Ownership” about a very unusual genealogical resource that contains a wealth of information on those who owned slave plantations in the Caribbean.


“Your Genealogy Today” September/October 2017
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Another North American genealogical magazine full of research tips and genealogy news. Clicking on the cover picture will bring you to their website; our article is “Snapshot of an Irish School” which gives an example of what you could learn about your ancestor’s school and how you go about getting this information for the local school they went to.


“Obelisk” 2017
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Irish Local History Magazine. Clicking on the cover picture will bring you to the website of the Society that publishes it. Our article is “Moreen: From the Pale to Markievicz to the Central Bank” about the history of a house and some of the famous people associated with it.


“Obelisk” 2016
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Not only did we contribute to this publication, it was also launched by our own Jillian van Turnhout. Clicking on the picture – which was taken at the launch – will bring you to a page with all photos of the launch. Our article is “Woodside, Sandyford” about the history of a beautiful farm house and its occupants.


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#OTD 1761 John MacNaghten is hanged at Strabane jail for his involvement in the killing of Mary Anne Knox. MacNaghten was an Anglo-Irish land owner, gambler and convicted murderer. The more romantic versions of the tale say the marriage was forbidden by her over-bearing father. Genealogydotie photo

Michael Dwyer was a United Irishmen leader in the 1798 rebellion. He fought a guerrilla campaign against the British Army in the Wicklow Mountains. He was captured in 1803. In 1805 he was transported to NSW, Australia, as an unsentenced exile. Was your Irish ancestor transported? Genealogydotie photo

I will tell their story. I will remember them... Bring your family history to life by commissioning us at We can produce a report, a video or presentation. Genealogydotie photo also does local history research. Here is the story of Marley house, complete with a short video. Genealogydotie photo

It was a long road but at last in 1918 Women aged 30 with property qualifications or in university constituencies at last gained the right to vote. #OTD 1918 there was a general election resulting in election of Countess Markievicz #Votail100 #Vótáil100 Genealogydotie photo

Thomas Dongan, 2nd Earl of Limerick died #OTD 1715. He was a member of the Irish Parliament, Royalist military officer during the English Civil War, and Governor of the Province of New York. Do you have #IrishRoots? Genealogydotie photo


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