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Accredited Genealogists Ireland
Since 1986, Accredited Genealogists Ireland (AGI) is. Read More »
Book of Icelanders
Íslendingabók means “Book of Icelanders”. It is. Read More »
Christmas in Ireland
In Gaelic (Irish language), Christmas is “’Nollaig’”. Read More »
Jillian van Turnhout Guest Speaker at University of Toronto
Our Jillian van Turnhout has been invited. Read More »
Who is your inspiration?
Before starting, I looked into my. Read More »
US 1950 Census Records Released
The 1950 census records were released by. Read More » published in “Irish Family History Journal” – 2021
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A picture is worth …
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From “Say Prunes” to “Say Cheese”
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