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US 1950 Census Records Released
The 1950 census records were released by. Read More » published in “Irish Family History Journal” – 2021
The Irish Family History Society (IFHS) is. Read More »
A picture is worth …
A few months ago, a window of. Read More »
From “Say Prunes” to “Say Cheese”
The creation of permanent images began with. Read More » Digitisation Project
The National Archives of IrelandĀ is Ireland’s repository. Read More »
A twenty-year brick wall gets smashed!
Whilst carrying out family history research, we. Read More »
Women in Irish History
The Irish Government has launched a new. Read More »
James Hoban, the Irishman who built the White House
James Hoban was born around 1758 in. Read More »
Early 19th century genealogists
At we love when we come. Read More »
20 questions to ask your relatives
As the Covid19 pandemic continues, why not. Read More »