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-O- have been published in several magazines in both Ireland and North-America, we have a blog with monthly updates and on a more lighthearted note post several daily updates on our twitter feed. Below you can find access to these resources, which will help you with your research, provide background information or are just meant to be entertaining.

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Patrick Kavanagh (1904 to 1967) is now regarded as one of the foremost Irish poets of the 20th century. #OnRaglanRoad #TheGreatHunger Genealogydotie photo

Irish poet and novelist, Patrick Kavanagh was born #OTD 1904 in Inniskeen, County Monaghan, Ireland. Do you have a poet in your family tree? Genealogydotie photo

From 1707, St. Ann's Romanesque façade was added 1868. Famous parishioners include Wolfe Tone, Douglas Hyde and Bram Stoker. #localhistory Genealogydotie photo

Irish painter Henry Jones Thaddeus enlisted the conscience of the propertied classes with Le retour du braconnier (The Wounded Poacher) 1881. He was a realist and portrait painter born and trained in County Cork. Genealogydotie photo

In October 1775, there was a great storm leading to the loss of the Parkgate Packets Nonpareil and Trevor. Among the casualties were Major Francis Caulfield, MP for Charlemont and family; and Mr French, Member for the County of Roscommon. Find out more: Genealogydotie photo

Today we are at @BTOPShow in Dublin. Currently listening to a great lecture by @NARIreland on Researching a 19th Century Convict. The good news is records might exist for your ancestor. The bad news is this means you have a convict in your family history. Genealogydotie photo


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