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Your Ancestor’s Townland
Local History Research

This service is for those who know in which townland their ancestors lived and want to find out more about the area. Our report will provide background information to give you a rich context of their lives.
This service includes the following:

Your ancestral village or townland today


We will provide background information on the village or townland where your ancestor(s) lived, as it is today. This includes a brief description, a listing of key buildings and streets as well as economic and social activities.

However, the main focus will be on visiting the village and taking lots of pictures which we will share with you. If they still exist, these will include pictures of the street they lived on, their house, a church, or school they (likely) attended.

Historic research

We will also research the history of the village. This research will give a general history but will focus on how it would have looked and what was happening there in the time of your ancestors. If they exist, we will include maps of the period.

Grave transcriptions and photography

If you know in which cemetery your ancestor(s) are buried, we will go and look for their grave.

Gravestones are often very informative on the people buried and/or give other names to research. Provided we find the grave, we will give you a detailed transcription and photos of the grave and surroundings.

It should be noted though that especially the poor often did not have a gravestone. In this case, we will take photos of the cemetery.

Report and files

We will bring together all documentation and findings in a professional report and provide you with digital files of all the photos we have taken.

Sample Report


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