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We are professional genealogists based in Dublin.  We have an international customer base, with regular commissions from clients in the USA, Canada, Australia, UK as well as from Ireland. And we provide a quality service. You don’t have to take our word for that: you can read feedback from some our clients in the “Testimonials” section of our website.

Overview of our Irish Family History Search and Investigation services:

  1. INITIAL INVESTIGATION: if you are just starting, we can show you the way with a short investigation that will establish if and where information can be found and includes some brief perusal of these sources. We will point out further avenues for research and give advice on how best to proceed.
  2. FULL INVESTIGATION: as an alternative to the first option, we can of course also carry out the entire investigation for you and present you with a detailed report.
  3. GAP INVESTIGATION: if you already have a family tree but cannot find that elusive Irish ancestor, we can help filling in that gap. As we have  ready access to local sources and can travel to Irish archives in Dublin and Belfast, we are often able to uncover family members and/or facts that you cannot from abroad.
  4. TREE VERIFICATION: we can verify your research for you, to ensure you have found the right people and fill in any gaps.


All our research meets the Genealogical Proof Standard. Find out about this and our research approach below:


Genealogical Proof Standard

The Genealogical Proof Standard is a guideline as outlined in “Genealogy Standards” by the Board for Certification of Genealogists for establishing the reliability of genealogical research with reasonable certainty.

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Research Approach

Our research starts with making sure both parties know exactly what the research question is and how much it will cost. We will then follow 5 logical steps and finish by providing you with a clear and factual report.

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