Irish Family History Specialists

Terms & Conditions

By commissioning to conduct your genealogical research you agree to the following terms and conditions:

  • We will review any requests free of charge after which we will share our assessment of viability and, if viable, a proposal for research. Please note, it is very important that you share any previous research with us as part of the request, to prevent duplication.
  • A research proposal will contain what the research goals are, which will need to be agreed before any research can start.
  • Research is conducted at a daily rate or predetermined budget.
  • If at a daily rate, we will always agree a maximum number of days. Once reached, the results will be reviewed together with the client.
  • At the client’s discretion, the number of research days can be extended. Again, we will always agree the maximum number of days of this extension with the client.
  • Any new research will need a minimum of a half day of research.
  • Before any research can start the full cost of the research will have to be paid. It is important to note that if research does not uncover the information the client was looking for, they are not entitled to a refund. This is because payment is for research, not the result. Records may not have survived or are difficult to find or access. We will endeavour to use our knowledge and expertise to perform the best search as practically possible. If it becomes clear that the research is not going to be successful before the full time commissioned is used up, we will advise the client and in agreement use the time on additional research questions or refund the unused portion.
  • Payment is via bank transfer or credit card and is in Euro.
  • Cost incurred – including but not limited to fees for certificates, documents, postage, etc. – will be charged at cost.
  • If your request is not for research, but solely for obtaining certificates, documents, etc. a fee for time spend will have to be agreed.
  • For some projects extensive travel and/or accommodation might be needed. We will agree reasonable cost to be paid by the client beforehand.
  • The research includes analysis of any previous research provided by the client; online and on site research; report writing; time spent communicating with the client and/or archives.
  • For a larger research project we will provide you with updates of progress and if brick walls are encountered.
  • Every project ends with a professional report outlining all our findings as well as copies of all certificates, documents, photographs, etc. unless the client has requested an alternative output.
  • Some research will uncover distressing information such as illegitimacies, bigamy, adoptions, suicide, medical conditions, criminality, violence, names of people who might not want to be found, etc. If such information is discovered we will inform you and discuss the best way of handling this information.
  • The copyright of the report belongs to Clients will receive a softcopy of the report for their personal use. Permission must be sought to reproduce any part of the report, in any format.
  • For some projects will use third parties for some of their research. If so, this will be disclosed.
  • We will need to keep your personal information for communication, invoicing, accounting and payments. Upon request, we will confirm what personal information we hold and if the client so wishes, delete any such information that we are not legally obliged to keep. We will not share your personal information with anyone unless required for the purposes of the research.