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This service is for when you have identified a particular record, of which you want to get a copy, but which is not available online; or if you require authenticated copies.

Not all Irish birth, marriage and death (BMD) certificates can be accessed online. Nor are many other records, such as copies of deeds, surviving wills, valuation books, etc. These records are held in many different archives and libraries, each with its own rules on how to get access and with different procedures to get copies of records.

We are regular visitors to and members of the many libraries and archives located in Dublin, such as The National Archives of Ireland and General Register Office, as well as their Northern Irish equivalents in Belfast, PRONI and GRONI. 

Thanks to our ready access to these local resources, we can provide you with copies of Irish BMD certificates, images of valuations books, copies of surviving wills and the many other documents that can only be viewed and copied by visiting these archives in Dublin or Belfast.

On this page you can request us to obtain a copy of the record you have identified. Upon receipt of your order, we will review your information and endeavor to provide you with a quote within 1-2 working days. Upon acceptance and payment we will get copies of the requested documents and send them to you. We use standard post for any hard-copy documents. If you require any express service, please let us know in advance, as there will be an additional charge for this.

BMD Records

If you need us to get a specific birth, marriage or death (BMD) certificate and have all required information, you can order these by following the link below and filling in the form. You should note that that there are both digital and authenticated copies available of Irish BMD certificates. Digital copies are fine for your family history research, but for any legal purpose you will need an authenticated, long form certificate. This if for the example the case if you wish to obtain Irish Citizenship. To prove that you have an Irish born grandparent, only the authenticated form will be accepted by the authorities. You can select which one you need in the form by using the drop down under “Type of Copy Needed”. Please be aware that getting a certificate authenticated can take up to 10 days.


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Other Records

For any other document you want us to obtain for you, please follow the link below. Try to give us as much information as possible, and include any references if available.


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Not sure you have identified the correct record?

If you are not sure that you have identified the correct record, before you order, you should use our Irish family history search and investigation service to get us to check.

Note: some records are available online for free.  Please visit our “Online Irish Genealogical Resources” page for guidance.


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