was established in 2017 and in addition to research for our clients, we have been creating various content such as articles, posts, magazines, videos and news items right from the start. If you follow us on Facebook, Instagram or X (formerly Twitter), you will have seen our short messages about Ireland, genealogy, local history and more. Some are educational, some are informative, whilst others are just meant to entertain. Our magazine and blog offer short articles. We release the magazine twice a year, and in between, we publish blogs. You may subscribe to receive notifications for either of them. Almost 600 of you have already done so!

We also write longer articles that require extensive research. Typically, we write one article per year that we share with a specific publication. Our work has been featured in various family and local history magazines and journals, both in Ireland and North America.

Of course, a new article would always be the topic of a blog, and as a subscriber you would have been notified. But if you haven’t been a subscriber from the beginning, or you are just reading this blog post, did you know you can access all articles we have published via our website? You can download the articles we published until 2020 free from our website. After 2020 our policy changed: to support the publishing organisations, we provide links to their websites where you can purchase the magazine or journal where we are featured.

If you find yourself with some time on your hands during the upcoming Christmas break, why not have a look by clicking on the picture below? The very first article mentioned on the page is brand new, it was only published in November 2023.

Enjoy, and have a great Christmas and a fantastic 2024.

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