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Our Irish family history search service has received commissions for tracing Irish family history from people living in the USA and Canada as well as Ireland. We are the specialists to search Irish ancestry for you.

We have ready access to local sources. Thus we are often able to uncover family members and/or facts that you cannot from abroad.

If you are just starting, we can show you the way with an initial investigation. We will also point out further avenues for research and give advice on how best to proceed. Alternatively we can do the entire investigation for you.

If you already have a family tree but just cannot find that elusive Irish ancestor, we can help filling in that gap.

But wherever you live, if you do not know what to do next, or have hit a brick wall, we can help you move forward. We can also verify your research for you, to ensure you have found the right people.


Eleonora, from Chicago, wrote: “… Jillian and were able to solve quite a few long standing mysteries about his family.  They worked tirelessly until they got answers and presented us with a thorough report on their comprehensive efforts. The service was excellent.  Jillian was a pleasure to work with.  I highly recommend them.”

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