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Jillian van Turnhout works with persistency through her researches, neglecting no avenue nor effort to find the information needed. She works with efficacity, heart and sensibility. Thank you for your wonderful collaboration that has been so helpful.

Testimonial from Hélène Robitaille, Archiviste, Le Monastère des Augustines, Quebec

I recently decided to seek dual US-Irish citizenship which requires a proven pedigree to a great grandparent born in Ireland.  I decided to try working with an accredited genealogist in Ireland:  Jillian van Turnhout found where my great grandparents were born and baptized, their parents and the witnesses to the baptism!   The speed, accuracy, completeness and professional curiosity of Jillian’s work bordered on outright sorcery!  Even better, her fees were quite reasonable.  I would strongly recommend to anyone seeking to explore their Irish ancestry that they contact Jillian or one of her colleagues at!

Testimonial from Bill, Georgia, USA

My experience with has proven to be my most significant breakthrough in some 40 years of searching after a visit to the Emerald Isle.

As I’m sure with many others, my efforts to get a significant breakthrough were hampered by relatively simple errors and omissions that I had made. My luck changed when I commissioned!

Whilst I am not certain that I will now continue to delve even further back, I know where to come when I take up the challenge!

Testimonial from Chris, Australia

Working with Jillian was a pleasure. She was professional, prompt, and is very skilled. My family has been researching our family roots in Ireland for years. She quickly was able to uncover information about our family. I appreciated her communication upfront, giving me a price quote and an idea of what her search would entail. She prepared a thorough report, including copies of all documents that she found upon completion. Thank you, Jillian!

Testimonial from Jane, Irish American

I had been working on tracing a specific ancestor for a few months but had hit a brick wall. There were only a couple of pieces of the puzzle left to find but I just couldn’t narrow down those last bits of information and found myself going round in circles. I was just about ready to give up. I contacted Jillian at and her confidence in being able to finish the puzzle restored my enthusiasm. The resources she has at her fingertips enabled her to find my ancestor and all the relevant details within the shortest time. I would thoroughly recommend to anyone who finds themselves in a similar position.

Testimonial from Nicola, UK

During 15 years of family research, one becomes very persistent in overcoming obstacles to finding pertinent information about a relative. However, sometimes one does become brick-walled, so to speak and you need to seek professional help. In engaging, I have been very impressed by Jillian’s professionalism and persistence to gain the objective of the brief. So much so, I have no hesitation in recommending her to anyone seeking professional assistance in their quest for their family research.

Testimonial from Rod, Australia

It was really fantastic!! So much my father didn’t know. Was quite emotional to watch him discover all the information you found. I will be in touch again as I want you to branch out further now on both sides.

Testimonial from Sarah, China and Ireland

Jillian provided a wealth of information about my Great Great Grandparents. I longed to know where they lived in Ireland and because of her extraordinary talent, I have that valuable information. Her incredible ability of knowing where to locate difficult records is an amazing talent and I feel very fortunate to have her researching my ancestors in Ireland.

Testimonial from Dorothy, Florida, USA

Many, many thanks for the exceptional work you did tracking down my Irish ancestors. It was the best money I ever spent; your service was worth every penny and more.

I’ve enjoyed — and continue to enjoy — poring over the details contained in your amazing 10-page report and 18 supporting documents. They have spurred me to keep digging.

Testimonial from Debra, New York, USA

Your work is perfect Jillian, thanks very much. I’m so pleased I commissioned you to research my family, it saved me countless hours of fruitless searching. Your final report is so detailed, professionally presented and easy to read. I really wasn’t expecting so much information. Well done and again thank you, it was well worth it.

Testimonial from Michael, Queensland, Australia

After a considerable amount of very frustrating and disappointing time trying to find my Irish ancestors, I contacted Their performance exceeded all my expectations, in both quality and time. Jillian came up with a wealth of information. I will not hesitate to recommend to my friends.

Testimonial from Jim, Ontario, Canada

I commissioned Jillian to find a photo of “J.F. Hudson”, former Captain of the Royal Dublin Golf Club. We had a blank space in the Club Photo gallery of Past Captains for him. As John Fenton Hudson never married and had no direct descendants Jillian first had to trace back to his parents to find his siblings and then trace forwards and found his Grandnieces. She impressed with her skills and commitment leaving no stone unturned to succeed in this challenge. His Photo is now included after many years!

Testimonial from Tom, Memorabilia Committee, The Royal Dublin Golf Club

My husband wanted to explore his Irish roots in hopes of obtaining dual citizenship.  Living just outside Chicago, it was difficult for us to do the research ourselves. While we learned he did not qualify, Jillian and were able to solve quite a few long standing mysteries about his family.  They worked tirelessly until they got answers and presented us with a thorough report on their comprehensive efforts. The service was excellent.  Jillian was a pleasure to work with.  I highly recommend them.

Testimonial from Eleonora, Chicago, USA

Mum is pouring over all the details…. I can see many conversations in the future, wonderful to find out your grandparents names at the age of 77! Thank you.

Testimonial from Fiona, Ireland

I have always longed to trace my family origins and didn’t know how to go about it. After meeting Jillian by chance, I commissioned her to research my family history.  Jillian’s research brought life and excitement to my roots and successfully traced my family as far back as 1823.

Testimonial from Majella, Ireland

Jillian van Turnhout, Member of AGI

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