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Accredited Genealogists Ireland

Since 1986, Accredited Genealogists Ireland (AGI) is an accrediting and representative body for professional genealogists in Ireland.

The role of the AGI is twofold:
1. Representing the interests of people who are professionally employed in the field of genealogy.
2. Monitoring the standard of their work on behalf of their clients.

Anyone wishing to become a member, must be a professional genealogist, living and working on the island of Ireland, research Irish sources and cannot be full-time employed outside the field of genealogy.

There is a strict process to become a member. The first step is to become an affiliate. This involves an application outlining the number of years active in genealogical research for a fee; research experience, experience in related fields, and courses attended. It should be noted that experience is a requirement; but courses are not. In addition, the applicant should submit a dissertation or essay of approximately 1,000 words to demonstrate their knowledge, ability and communication skills

The next step is to become a full member. Admission to membership is based on the recommendations of an independent Board of Assessors. This board will assess work completed by the applicant for a fee-paying client. If successful, the genealogist will be allowed to display the AGI membership badge as a credential of their professionalism and quality of work.

I am happy to report that my submission was successful and that I am now a fully accredited genealogist!