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We saw Snowdrops at Historic Altamont Gardens


My Great Aunt called snowdrops ‘fair maidens of February’.

If you love snowdrops and are in Ireland in February you should visit Altamont Gardens?, Carlow. The tour by the gardener is highly recommended.

“Every visitor says it has a special atmosphere, that’s why so many people come back. Every element you want from a great garden is here, from lovely lawns, floral beds and beautiful woodland going down to the river, to a walled garden and really superb collections, such as the snowdrops, rhododendrons and the fabulous oaks in the arboretum” Paul Cutler, head gardener at Altamont Gardens.

If you can’t make it this year, check out this short video we made of our visit.  The video is an example of a presentation we at can make of sites of historical importance to your ancestors.

Find out more about the gardens here:

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Dutch Local History: We visited Heusden


At my last visit to the Netherlands I went to the old medieval port of Heusden. This used to be a strategic point at the river Meuse, at which fortifications have existed for almost 1,000 years.


Although on the ‘Brabant’ side of the river, the city of Heusden used to be part of the state of ‘Holland’. It received its city rights in 1318. Prince of Orange, William, consolidated the town’s strategic position near the river Meuse, and ordered fortification works to be constructed. Work started in 1579 with the digging of moats and the construction of bastions, walls, and ravelins, and was completed in 1597.

Alas its castle does no longer exist, which was used as a munition depot and was destroyed when hit by lightning in 1680. For a long time Heusden was one of the most important cities in Brabant. However, the city of Den Bosch would dig a canal, thus bypassing its rival. In the 19th Century the huge Verolme shipyard was developed close by the city. Verolme no longer exists, although some shipbuilding activities still take place at the old yard. At this stage however the city was already falling into disrepair, its old houses no longer deemed fit to live in. A lot of defense works were dismantled. Heusden was also the location of a war crime, when in 1944 retreating German troops blew up the tower of the old town hall, to prevent it being used as a strategic point by the allies. However, the cellars below were used by locals as a shelter, and 134 people were killed.


In 1968 extensive restoration works started, and fortifications were carefully rebuilt. Heusden is now a beautiful place to visit and if you are in the area, it is worth to make the detour.

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Genealogy research

Introduction to – Ireland’s specialists in Genealogy and Local History Research


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We have over 10 years’ experience in Irish genealogy research and Irish local history research. is therefore expertly placed to help you with your Irish family research. Thanks to our ready access to local sources we are often able to uncover family members and/or facts that you cannot from abroad.

If you are just starting with your Irish genealogy research, we can show you the way with an initial investigation. We will also point out further avenues for research and give advice on how best to proceed. Alternatively we can do the entire investigation for you.

If you already have a family tree but just cannot find that elusive Irish ancestor, we can help filling in that gap.

But wherever you live, if do not know what to do next, or have hit a brick wall, we can help you move forward with your Irish genealogy research. We can also verify your research for you, to ensure you have found the right people.

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Before we start we will always verify with you what it is you want to find. We will also always agree a cost with you. And we present all our findings in a clear and factual report. This reports shows you your question, for what and where we searched (to avoid any future duplication), a conclusion and advice on further research. And of course we will give you digital copies of any certificates, wills, relevant book pages, etc. we have found.

We also offer to travel to places where you ancestors lived or are buried.  You will receive a detailed description, complete with photo’s.

We can also enrich your family tree with local history research. This can be the history of an area where your ancestors lived, a village, or even the history of a house of farm, if available.

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